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utattemita &VOCALOID translation community
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28 Mar 2012 - [sticky post] WELCOME &RULES
Hello, welcome to utaite_raburabu (officially named Utaite♥RABU) ! This is a fan community focused on Nico Nico Singers (Utaite), and VOCALOID. The main focus will be on translation of lyrics, magazine scans, blog posts, CD release information, etc. It's kind of over-ambitious to think I'll have the free time to translate so much, but I'd like to give it a try!

The owner and main(?) translator me, renna_usagi. You may know me better as miss-simplicity from tumblr, especially since my personal lj is currently empty ~ Our other wonderul translators are Imomo sakustar, Shiro shirozxc, and Meta.
(IMPROMPTU RECRUITMENT: If anyone knows Japanese, has some free time, loves utaite, and would like to make some kind of ragtag translating team with me [and my mediocre skills], even just as a guest translator or something, please contact me via tumblr or livejournal! --although tumblr would be the faster way of reaching me. Always looking for more translators! I'd really feel better about posting larger-scale translations if I had other people to run them by for accuracy.)

Feel free to join this community if you'd like! It is open membership. All translation posts are public. however, scans will be member-locked. There are some simple rules below, so please read them through before joining! Thank you!

RULESCollapse )
Song Title: Let's
Music &Arrangement: RegaSound
Lyrics: K
Rap Lyrics: Hashiyan
Vocals: Amatsuki, Kony, Ito kashitaro, Hashiyan, Aho no Sakata, un:c (Smiley*2GS)
Album: 2GS first trip

I finally finished up my translation of Root 5's pages in UTA STAR 5, but because I've taken so long, I feel like someone's already done this before me by now .. ;; But either way, it's good practice! They talked about their first tour and second single, Mikadzukihime, in the interview section, and each of them answered 25 questions in a mini-interview type of thing. Some of their answers are really interesting lol


It's only taken me about a year of procrastinating  but I finally got to finishing the @smile-link-party pre-concert interview/talk between Yuuto, Glutamine, Sekihan, and Soraru, from a magazine called We LOVE Utaite that was published around February 2012. I had some help from a couple other people translating a few of the pages to speed things up, so it was mainly my fault for not following up on it .. but I finally got around to finishing it! ;;

It's an entertaining interview-- they don't only talk about plans they had for the concert, but also memories that have of winter, and also comparing each other to monsters?


It's been a long time since I've properly translated anything, and even longer since I've started working on this interview, but I finally finished it! Shamukonytsuki's spring-themed interview from Vol. 03 of SongMATE! They talk about Shamuon and Kony starting to live on their own, recalling spring memories from school, and the first Sahmukonytsuki in Shamuon's album, "Sakura no Ame."

Song Title: 魔法 | Mahou | Magic
Music &Lyrics: Furukawa Honpo
Vocals: Chomaiyo
Album: Girlfriend From Tokyo
( NND link / Youtube link (alternate PV) )

Song Title: アイアム サンダーヒーロー | I am Thunder Hero
Music &Lyrics: YM
Vocals: Rib
Album: Rib on


Song Title: デンタル最後のクリニックを | Dental Saigo no Clinic wo | The Dental's Final Clinic (parody of Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo)
Music: kemu
Lyrics: OLD
Vocals: DC (Dental Clinic)
( original NND link )

Song Title: Orphan
Music &Lyrics: Nanou
Vocals: Luschka
Album: Sheltered and Abandoned
( original NND video )


Song Title: 終焉ノ栞 | Shuuen no Shiori | Bookmark of Demise
Music: 150P
Lyrics: Suzumu
Vocals: IA
Album: Re:Houkago -Shuuen Game-


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